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We are in an era where everything needs update whether a small phone, technology, fashion or business, so why not parenting and teaching. To match the world and new generation kids we need to update ourselves. Following the same old system and methods to up bring kids and students is not much of help in this current world. Our services provide a massive gateway of wisdom through workshops and individualized counseling which will help teachers, parents and students to lead in their fields successfully.

A teacher does make a tangible difference in student’s achievement. Growth in teacher is directly correlated to growth in students. Here we are with number of approaches and innovative ideas which will help teachers to manage their class in a more effective way and make a strong bond with their students.


I'm Ritika student of OM Foundation School, Noida. Its really a great pleasure for me to share my experiences and drastic changes from a dumb child to shining one, in the guidance of Puja Mam. 


Issues we deal with:
Some Session of School Counselling
School Counselling
School Counselling
School Counselling
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Individual & Group Counselling

Cognitive Therapy

Play Therapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Movement Therapy

Behavior Therapy

Muscular Relaxation Therapy

Talk Therapy

Expressive Therapy

Art Therapy

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