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Counselling is not only limited to adults. The myth that child is just a kid, the tantrums and behavior issues are childish and will get over with the time, is the steppingstone towards a difficult adulthood. Because of this, the child faces many difficulties in the adulthood such as anxiety, depression, low confidence. There are numerous disorders which we tend to overlook by ignoring it or attributing them to the age such as dyslexia ADHD, autism etc. The truth being they are not going to be resolved just by growing up. There needs to be a guided way of tackling the issues. Earlier the symptoms are detected, the sooner will be the diagnosis and better the child will get.

Child Counselling

The camp was amazing, it's was life changing for me because I learnt a lot from that camp. I became more confident, every task was unique and outstanding. Puja Ma’am is an exceptional teacher , I loved the way how she taught us, at last I would really suggest to take this camp. 

Nipun Soni

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Child Counselling
Child Counselling
Child Counselling
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